Media and Social Media

Apart from everything else, The Economist's book review-gate reveals a conflicting pair of forces that media feels from social media: too much information constantly emerging to cover well, too many eyes to scrutinise and rapidly excoriate it en mass.

The review and subsequent apology went viral. I bookmarked the book author's latest. But that is the old hat - no such thing as bad publicity and all that.

The newest thing is the evident pressure under which esteemed information brands of our lifetime seemed to caving: Fareed Zakaria, The Economist. Nature. As the information age demands ever faster coverage of an ever growing human ken, more people seem to have access to the 'Send' button on the content management systems of hallowed publications than is manageable to a high standard. Things gets published before an experienced editor has seen it. It would seem that the busiest editors now see some content after thousands of twitter users have commented on it, perhaps only if thousands of twitter users comment on it!